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    It has been 20 years since the last Evil legion's invasion. People are recovering from the pain of war under the leadership of world government. However, another terrorist group is getting stronger and stronger. They wage wars to world government, attempting to rule the whole world. With the world in turmoil and wars, the world government once again enlists mercenaries to defend against terrorist attacks.

    After some heavy fighting, the allied troops succeeded in crushing the enemy's outsides.

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    hack Rise of Generals Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):We’ve eliminated enemies on the outskirts of the city. But there are enemies putting up a last ditch resistance in the city. I will assign two generals to follow you into the city. They will be of great help. The first defense line of the enemy is down. I will give you a squad to eliminate the remnants of enemy forces.

    cheat Step #2: Ok, now let’s check our enemy’s set up. Tap on the screen and slide. Slide the screen to check the whole battlefield. Our target is to eliminate all enemies. Watch out for their reinforcement. See the shiny area? it means the place is occupied and you can deploy soldiers there. Commander, deploy the first batch of soldiers in the occupied area.

    code Step #3: The enemy deployed shieldman with high defense. They’re way too though for rifleman troops. We need mc infantry’s firepower to deal with the shieldman. I’ve prepared some for you. Commander, the HQ sent me to help you. See ranged missile? Tap to choose a target location and launch it.

    Rise of Generals Step #4: 2 hours afk resources - gain: food, iron, oil and electricity immediately (basic income without vip buff). Teleportation - teleport base to the chosen location. Become invalid at headquarters level 10.

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    • 2. HP of sniper os quite low. You’d better deploy him away from the frontline.

    • 3. MC infantries won't be interrupted by attacks.

    • 4. Characters: shieldman - the thick armor can block almost all damage, but MC infantries' bullets can make short work of the shield.

    • 5. Placing baits properly could attract massive firepower.

    • 5. Snipers would choose units with high value and attack them first.

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