Atari Combat Tank Fury
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    Atari Combat Tank Fury redeem codes

    Congratulations on being selected for this simulation training program. I am your advanced vehicle advisor, and i am here to help you get up to speed with the software. First, we need to get you comfortable with the battle simulator. I have prepared some introductory battles, hopefully, i haven’t overestimated your capabilities.

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    Make gem combinations that match your vehicles’ class colors for maximum damage. Matching gems of your vehicles’ colors charges their tactic meters. Activate your charged tactic now! Continue matching gems and using tactics to defeat the final enemy. This simulation will be a little tougher, but i’ll show you some new tricks to help. Press battle to begin.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Match 4 gems to destroy an entire row of gems and do some massive damage. Destroy the remnants of the enemy platoon by matching gems and using tactics. There is one more trick you should know, let’s jump into simulation so i can show you. Match 5 gems to create a wild gem. Now that’s some firepower! Keep that in mind next time you are in fight spot.

    Atari Combat Tank Fury code, Step #3:
    Welcome to your base! You’ve got a lot of work to do. Select empty plot to get started building oil refinery. You are going to need lots of oil if you want to build up the base. Tap finish to skip the buil time. Any build under 30 seconds are free. We aren’t done yet, select the supply drop to continue expanding your base. The supply drop produces supply which are used for upgrading vehicles.

    Step #4:
    Resources generate over time, so build a motor pool while we wait. The motor pool crafts vehicle shards which are used to obtain and enhance your vehicles. Open the assemble menu to assemble tank shards. You have all the required items, so to save time, tap the instant assemble button to craft the item instantly.

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    • 2. Rank up with leader XP! Every level grants exciting rewards!

    • 3. The oil refinery produces oil over time. The more advanced the refinery the more oil it will generate and the bigger your base can become.

    • 4. Arrows indicate if your tank is strong or weak us the targeted enemy.

    • 5. Return to your base and continue building it up. If you can't manage a base, you'll never manage to win a war. We're going to need room to store all oil, select tile to build an oil depot to increase oil storage capacity. With increased storage we can loot more resources from our enemies.

    • 6. More enemies ahead? If we match gems to charge your tactics and look for class advantages, we'll make short work of them.

    • 7. Upgrading the HQ unlocks new areas to build in and increases building’s level caps.

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