Starry Garden
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    Starry Garden redeem codes

    Did you know? I heard from somewhere that the constellations in the sky were made by cats. Gardering with cute managers, collect glowing constellations and planets in the night sky. Collect materials to make your garden more beautiful, craft a new object for garden managers. Achieve aquarius level 10 and open a crafting vending machine and job. If you reach pisces level 6, you can change the object with the decoration function.

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    Special attendance event: tap the gift box from the dropbox list where at the upper left side of the main screen. Select the special attendance event. When receiving all the daily rewards, you will recieve a pilot costume to decorate the manager. Gift: gem 300, superior treasure chest.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Please continuously tap the cat paw that pops up on screen. Hearts can be used for various activities in starry garden. How about summoning a new pet to starry garden? Find out about the garden where the pets will be playing. make sure you continuously level up the garden and manager. Now, let’s find out about the constellations.

    Starry Garden code, Step #3:
    Clear various missions and receive rewards. Now, it’s time to open the magical treasure chest. You can get a new animals and costume for it. You got a costume? Equip costumes and dress up the manager. Collect costumes and obtain rewards. Moon exploration costume set will be given as a special reward, when you collect all the moon shards.

    Step #4:
    Daily gems - receive daily gems and various benefits. Ad removal tickets - obtain rewards without watching ads. Photo menu - take photos of the beautiful scenery, and share it with your friends. See shiny unicorn on the hill? Unicorn scatter heart gifts and fly away, so make sure to tap them!

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    • 2. Obtain rewards according to the number of missions cleared during the season! Buy a premium pass to receive more rewards.

    • 3. We can make new decorate items by using the crafting vending machine with collected materials.

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