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    Well, let's consider a new game. The first thing the user sees is the main menu, where there are: arena, deck, event, campaigns, trophies, store and hack menu. In the upper left corner, the player's nickname and the amount of experience earned. In the right corner is the amount of gold and crystals. Go straight to the campaigns section. The campaign is divided into sections, passing through each we get chests with a reward. At the end of each part of the campaign, a Boss battle awaits you.

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    Combat: There are cards at the bottom of the screen. They can be summoned to the battlefield if there is enough mana to summon. Mana accumulates over time. To find out how much mana is needed to summon a soldier, look at the number on the upper left corner of the unit card. To release a soldier on the battlefield, click on it and pull it to the desired position. There are only three lines along which an attack can be carried out. But do not forget that the enemy is not asleep. He also sends squads to destroy your soldiers or fortresses. Keep an eye on the enemy and send units to the defense.
    3000 crystals - rFXYvQTMm
    100000 coins - aYj148VHH

    Do not forget to use The Wall cheats that will help you complete the campaign faster and get more pleasure from the process. Codes give you unlimited mana, unlock all characters, crystals, coins, daily rewards. Do not forget to go to the hacking menu to pick them up daily or enter passwords from there. Everything is absolutely free and does not require downloading any programs.
    increase power - G6X3bVfNx
    increase attack - 8qSegR6Am
    increase health - cZfBwAT3X
    increase distance - hr0FMnJXx
    increase speed - WVGTvAq3U

    Each of the fortresses has a number of lives. Yours is on the left, the opponent's on the right. As soon as the number of lives of your tower is zero, you will lose. When you win, you get a chest with rewards. There may be new fighters, upgrade cards for existing soldiers, new skills, gold and crystals. If you already have a similar card, then it turns into souls. And as soon as you collect enough souls, then it will be possible to improve the characteristics of the fighter.
    starter pack - AY69YivIs

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    from 01 to 10 may redeem pass - zKrvcLIY3
    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - MVsWp7YOZ
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - VlZm2lvrT
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - gD0K2SmGT
    level up - NRHEHwKqF
    legendary treasure - 054Ar28Ec
    beginners pack - 4OZCYVBwU
    legendary card - ESgoPi4hn
    evolve - TZJtqkqSf
    unlimited mana -OZkMrrw4l
    restore base HP -KdDcT2uQR

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