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We Were Here Forever preview
  • We Were Here Forever - a horror quest for two.

    The We Were Here series has been in existence since 2017. Each game (and there are already four of them) received awards and a huge amount of positive feedback. The point, of course, is not only and not so much in the pretty graphics, a bunch of references to other games and an interesting end-to-end plot about how the polar explorers were locked in the ominous Castle Castle Rock, the secrets of which they need to unravel and from where they have to get out. The fact is that solving, finding out and getting out are allowed only together with a friend or girlfriend.

    Moreover, these are not only the usual situations in such cases from the category of "Lift a friend in the elevator" or "Press the levers together / stand on the plates" — puzzles are found at every step, and among them there are many much more interesting and aggressive ones. And the whole action takes place with a view from the eyes.

    The atmosphere of tension, ominous mystery and elements of horror here are surprisingly combined with humor and funny references to other games and movies. And in principle, when you play together, there are often reasons to laugh — as well as exhale from the fact that you managed to save a friend or solved another brain-melting puzzle.

    Puzzles and decorations in Forever have become more diverse, there are also a lot of extreme situations when you need to save a friend, and players have the opportunity to put the story mosaic together. There are plenty of reasons to laugh, too — what are only the riddle with the farting octopus and the final roof-bearing reference to the Titanic. In general, if you have someone to play with or, for example, you and your wife have not had enough thrills for a long time, urgently launch We Were Here Forever.
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