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    You're much too weak in your current state! You need to get stronger if you want to stand a chance. Defeat monsters, gain levels and earn new equipment. You have limited energy in this place, only 25 battles worth! Once your enemy runs out, you'll fall asleep for a little while. I'll hang onto all your equipment for you but you will revert back to 1 level. So there you have it! Start fighting and build up your equipment over many journeys. Together we will achieve your goal!

    What a champion! You just won your first battle and gained a few levels. Each level gives you life, damage, defense and stat points. You get to distribute your new stat points after each battle. You can resummon a monster by tapping and holding on its spawnpoint. Before long you can move on to harder monsters.

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    Don't forget to look at the enemy's power rating. If an enemy looks too hard, fight an easier one first. You look like you're running out of energy. Don;t worry, once you run out of energy you can rest up and start again. You'll never lose the items you find, even of you start over early. All the new equipment looks good on you! You'll make it even further next time.

    Have you noticed those small red gems which enemies sometimes drops? Those gems are a valuable magical currency, which allow certain permanent upgrades. Gems also help focus fairy magic. If you don't know any fairy magic yet, you'll learn some when you are much stronger.

    You just defeated your first boss. You cannot resummon a boss, but they grant energy when defeated. Now you can fight additional battles and the boss will be back after your next reset.

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