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    The demons coming out of the Shadow Gate are about to strike. Are you ready to face them in the most popular fighting game on Android?
    In this game you can become a real master of martial arts. The world is on the verge of chaos. Demons are going to enslave all living things. The brave hero of the shadow is the only hope for the salvation of mankind. Recapture the captured territories and return the demons back to hell.

    As you know, all means are good in war. You will have a truly huge arsenal at your disposal, so you will definitely not experience a shortage of weapons. Arm yourself with swords, axes, chains, katanas and so on. In no case should you lose, because in this case the world will be enslaved.

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    There will be many dangerous opponents on your way. Your enemies are incredibly strong, so you will have to try hard to cope with them. The strongest bosses belong to a variety of martial arts schools.

    Earn in-game currency by winning tournaments (or using hacking), and purchase new weapons, armor, and more. Comprehensively upgrade and develop your hero so that he turns into a truly invincible warrior.

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    Cheats and letter codes will allow you to relax as much as possible and enjoy the passage of the game. And also open up a lot of hidden features, weapons and classes of fighters.
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