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    Welcome! i will assist in your first battle. Let's build some troops first. Tap the footman card. A footman will be deployed at the end of the wave. Select footman in your hand. You have two footmen now. Both will be deployed at the end of the wave. Enemy has a dragon Pup. Use archer to shoot them down. Build another archer. Archer - ranged attack targets flying enemy first. Let's also build a dragon pup. Dragon pup takes two cards to build. Dragon pup has joined the troops! They are safe from ground only enemies. Each wave you will get an elixir. You can get an extra elixir by discarding all cards in your hand. Now buy the skilled footmen perk.

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    Great! Your footmen can hold longer now! Each hero has a unique spell. Use spell by first tapping the button then tapping the target position. Arrow rain attacks all enemies in range. Destroy the enemy castle. Complete quests and claim abundant rewards. Your next quest requires you to upgrade a card.

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    After 20 waves, you get triple cards and elixirs. Arrow rain - attack all enemies in the target area. Use lucky ticket to spin the wheel. You have to fight with a lot of opponents. By winning each battle, you increase your level and get chests with great rewards. One of the rewards can be character cards that are used to improve or unlock new heroes. You can improve with gold or crystals. Always strategize before a battle. Think about which cards are best for you to use. Do not forget that energy is used to summon a unit on the battlefield. The stronger the hero, the more energy is needed to summon him. The winner is the one who destroys the enemy's castle faster.

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