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    You control one hero who has to make his way through countless monsters. Sometimes there will be special enemies on your way - Bosses. So it's worth preparing for this in advance. Gold drops from each opponent and your character gains experience. As soon as his level rises, you can improve his characteristics with the help of mined gold or use passwords to instantly level up or improve his characteristics.

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    Unit characteristics: attack blood, critical damage, max mana, health boost, defense boost, potion recovery. Also, in addition to gold, you can find pieces of weapons with which you can open new weapons or improve old ones. Flame - a staff crafted to teach new magic users, but in a hands of a veteran can still create devastating power. Cast a fireball, dealing 200% base damage as fire to all enemies hit. Find runes that significantly increase the characteristics and give passive effects. If you need additional runes and are tired of hunting for them, use the passwords from the list below.

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    Magic sabre - a sword that had been with you for a long time. It's magic power had growth with you. You are no longer weak. Cast a magic slash and damages everything in front of you for 100% base damage as magic damage. At higher levels, an arena will open where you can hone your skills on a real opponent. Sometimes they will be stronger than you, sometimes you will be theirs. If you win, there is a chance to get a lot of experience, gold and an artifact. The artifact adds active skills and significantly increases the combat power of your character. In the game, you can tame a pet that will fight on your side. It can also be improved, put on equipment, and so on.

    Hyper Dungeon code

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    Hyper Dungeon cheat

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