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    paper wizard android, ios hack

    One day the greatest calamity in history came upon the land of Booktopia. The deadly darkness lasted for many days over the Paperians. Wizards who garhered at the West tower of magic became aware that the magic book of light, that had been keeping the cloud of darkness coming of booktoria, had gone missing.
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    Together with it was gone the great wizard Shredder, who was the keeper of the magic book of light. According to his disciples, Shreredder was said to have headed to the dungeon paper wizard, leaving the message that he was going there to experiment a new magic.
    Darkness rapidly covered the skies of Booktopia and there was not a moment to loose. The Wizards alliance selected three prospective young paper wizards and gave them the mission of finding and bringing back the Magic book of light.

    The brave young wizards headed towards the armed with the magical skills of fire, ice and lightning. Meanwhile, at the dungeon of darkness, Dupulika the paper wizard of darkness had succeeded in luring Shredder over to the dark side. Dupulika ordered Shredder to create dark spells and raise an evil army of darkness.

    Once Booktopia's skies were tottally covered with the dark clouds, the evil army of darkness was to invade booktopia. The Paperians' destiny were in the three young wizards.

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