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    About Overlapping Effects
    Skills and effects will be overwritten when a skill or effect of the same type is used. In the case of skills or effects of differing types being used in succession, both skills or effects will be applied without being overwritten. The exception is when the effects come from a similar passive skill. These effects will be applied separately without being overwritten.

    *There are cases where the same type of skill will overlap even for effects which boost the same status.
    *Effects granted by World Memory skills will be considered the same as passive skills.

    You can use ALICE Fiction

    Support Commands wiki
    By progressing in the main quests, you will be able to use support commands.

    You can use support commands by breaking panels and charging the gauge, resulting in an effect you are able to activate (chosen randomly from a variety of effects).
    The support command you charged during battle can only be used for that quest. The gauge's charge and support command will not carry over to other quests.
    *For the Underground only: until your current attempt is reset, you can carry over the gauge's charge for support commands across different battles.

    How to Unlock
    You can unlock support commands by clearing Main Quest 2-15 (Normal).

    ALICE Fiction Types of Support Commands wiki:

    Support Command Gauge
    After you unlock support commands, the gauge will charge as you break panels.
    The charge amount will differ depending on how many panels you break at once. The more you connect and break, the greater the increase to the gauge's charge will be.

    How to Use Support Commands
    Once the support command gauge is fully charged, you will be able to use a special effect, chosen randomly from a variety of effects.
    The support command will be located on the top right of the panels. Before or during the panel breaking phase, you can tap this to activate the command.

    Types of Support Commands
    There are several types of support commands.
    To check the details of each command:
    1. Tap the (i) icon on the battle screen to the left of the panels.
    2. Select the tab, "Support Command Help".

    ALICE Fiction Animation SKIP wiki

    Animation SKIP, Battle Speed, and Auto Settings
    You can change battle settings by using the buttons to the top right of the battle screen, marked as "Animation SKIP", "▶︎▶︎", and "AUTO".

    Animation SKIP
    When turned on, the animation during battle will be simplified.
    The animation for Crash Skills will be skipped, and the animation for active skills will be shortened.
    Damage and effects are unchanged, it is simply the animation that is being skipped.

    By tapping the "▶︎▶︎" arrow button to the top right of the battle screen, the battle animation speed will be increased to two times or three times the normal speed.
    When turned on, the panel breaking phase time will not be shortened.

    By turning this, it can progress through the battle for you.
    While in AUTO mode, using skills and breaking panels will occur automatically.
    Panel breaking will also occur at twice the normal speed.

    Carrying Over of Settings
    The "Animation SKIP", "▶︎▶︎", and "AUTO" settings can be carried over to the next battle using the following steps:
    1. Tap the menu button (≡) on the top left of the Home Screen.
    2. Tap "Configure".
    3. Under "System", this setting can be changed under "Battle Settings" > "Auto/double speed".
    You can also change this from the battle screen by going to "Menu" > "Configure".
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