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    This is... this is ridiculous! I can't believe i'm ruined like this. I could've done it could have been successful. Can't i? Is this the end? Really? Would you trust me and try again? If you work with me, you can definitely succeed. Let's make a company that leads the world economy together. You will be the CEO of a giant company with tremendous wealth, high honor, and great power. The should we decide the country and company name to start the business? The company creation document submitted by the CEO passed safely. Now you have to start a full fledged business.

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    First of all, would you like to enter the main quest where the CEO can help with the direction of action? Mainquest provides various experiences and rewards for the success of the CEO. Would you like to follow the curriculum prepared by our company? Field - it is a basic facility for raising various agricultural products and livestock. Whatever it is, the basics are important. Field is the most basic production building. DOn't forget that the basics should be strong. Now that we've built a field, let's plant some of the most basic crops. Wheat has grown! Please note that you can produce up to five at a time.

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    In order to start the CEO's business again, we need to raise headquarters. Let's start slowly! HQ - it is a basic facility for the management of other buildings. All buildings can grow further by upgrading. Especially, HQ is the beginning of everything, so please keep that in mind. Pasture - it is a basic production facility that can raise various livestock. Whatever it is, the foundation matters. You're not just going to start and end, are you? Ranch since we built it, should we grow HQ more? There are many other buildings in the city besides production buildings. SO, let's build a housing building that will increase the current population. As the current population grows, more items can be purchased and sold at national stores.
    WE World Economy code

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