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    Drag the skill button to aim the target and take off the button to launch the skill. Destroy the obstacle with the ultimate skill and attack the enemy. If you press shortly without dragging the skill button, it will aim automatically. It takes just 1 second. After dragging and aiming, you can cancel your skills by dragging it back to your first position and taking your hands off. If you go to the clocking zone, you can hide. However, if you are captured by a melee radar, you cna see each other.

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    You must acquire as many stars as you can until the game ends. MX2 skill - though it resembles outdated tanks in appearance, this unit is fitted with the latest weapons such as EMP shells. HM4 - this humanoid robot with robust armor has high defense ad mobility but short range. RL3 - this is a self propelled missile launcher, It is equipped with smokescreens and stealing functions for survival. SA1 - formerly a woodcutting robot, this was modified into a combat robot for the war.

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    DL 17 - formerly used for construction and welding, the robot was repurposed as a combat robot for the war. MR5 - this repair robot can repair itself or other robot units nearby. It is also capable of attacking. Detailed information can be viewed in the information bar. Commander can try do farming in the world, which is also essential for economic development. The silicon mine cannot be demolished and can be built up to six. Starting from the level 10 command center, you can build one SI mine every 10 levels. Thee is huge crystal deposit undeground here. The commander can build a crystal mine when command center reaches level 6. Only one crystal mine can be built
    TX War code

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