Hack Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak cheat code
Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak code
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    You can automatically battle with the auto kill feature. You can tap on the button to enable/disable the auto kill feature. The virtual pad will disappear when not in use, but reappears when you tap on it.
    Warrior - master at using a sword/axe/shield. Fighting spirit to unleash a special move. Attacker and a defender in a party. Maelstorm - attack a single enemy with stabs. Power is increased by consuming additional fighting spirit.
    Paladin - knight who pledge to the doctrine. Masters in melee combat and sorcery. Attack, defend, and heal in a party. Divine retribution - radiates holy light from above to dmaage a single enemy. The light tracks the enemy.
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    Mage - magic seeker with ranged attacks. Control elements to cause phenomena. Primary the attacker in the party. Meteor strike - have a flaming meteorite fall on the enemy. It also damages enemies in the surrounding area.
    Priest - priest with a blessing of the moon. Has miraculous power to revive. healer and an attacker in a party. Resurrection - pray to the moon to bring back a single deceased ally back to this world.
    Gunner - well trained sniper with a firearm. Set bombs and traps from enemies. Primary the attacker in the party. MK 1 hand grenade - when it hits an enemy, it explodes and stuns all enemies in a certain area.

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    Mail: the following items can be collected on the mail page. Information from system and operation: announcement email, remuneration, etc. sent by the system and operation. Item and wealth - log in to the items and wealth presented by the reward. Shop - items purchased in the store. Achievement - notice of achievement reward.

    Active and passive skills: skills can be divided into active and passive types. Active skills - attacks, buff/debuff, and recovery skills all belong to this type. You can log in to the shortcut key to start with one click. It is displayed in a circular diagram.
    Passive skill - a skill that only needs to be learned to continue to be effective. It is shown in a square diagram.
    Confirm skill detail - click the skill icon to select a skill, and the detailed information of the skill will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Register shortcut - press and hold the skill icon and drag it to the skill field, or select the skill icon and then click the skill field to set the skill to the shortcut key. hen press save to complete registration and it will be available for use.
    Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak code

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    Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak cheat

    Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak hack menu & cheat code tips

    Skill enhancement - you can use skill points to strengthen any skill freely. Points can be obtained each time a player's level increases.

    Quest - you can click the task icon displayed on the NPC head to undertake the quest. As long as the conditions for customs clearance are met, you can get paid. In addition, new stories will appear due to the progress of the quest. Main quest - a quest that develops with the main story of this work. Sub quest 0 quests that arise with the development of sub stories. Repeat quest - before exceeding the set level, you can receive unlimited quests every day.

    Meaning of quest icon - the quest icon changes into the following three types depending on the progress of the quest. Available - indicates the status of being able to receive the quest. Ongoing - indicates that the received quest is in progress. Completed - indicates that the task for that quest is complete and reportable.

    Quest clearance conditions - the clearance conditions of the quest include:
    - use cheat code rewards;
    - defeat certain mobs in specific places;
    - dialogue with a specific NPC;
    - collect items dropped from certain mobs in a specific place.
    Even if the mob has the same name, it may not be regarded as a defeatable target depending on the different habitats.
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