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    Be it endless ocean of myth...or raging torrents of iron and fire...no matter how infinite the universe, everything remains the same. There's been a transmission from Shimotsuki in the hangar. It says the base's autonomous defense system has already been destroyed by the enemy. Ryuho accepted our request for aid and said she would return immediately. We will break through the enemy encirclement. The enemy is the threat we most often encounter when exploring new territory. We call it type X. Type X attacks often, but is not very intelligent. With the right strategy, you should be able to take them down quickly. Vessels use the power of elemental blocks to perform attacks.

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    Match 3 or more elemental blocks of the same type in a line to destroy them and launch an attack. The vessels will fire their weapons to attack enemies along that same line. Pay close attention to the positions of elemental blocks. If you can trigger a combo, you cna inflict more damage. Destroying elemental blocks will charge the energy of vessels of the same element. When a vessel reaches maximum energy they can unleash their ultimate ability. We're facing a threat like we've never seen, but don't worry. With proper use of our abilities, we can defeat our enemies with ease. One property of elements is elemental affinity. With an affinity advantage, you can deal double damage to enemies! However, if the enemy has an affinity advantage, your attacks will be weakened. Blaze is effective against nature, nature is effective against frost, and frost is effective against blaze. Glow and void are unique: they are each effective against the other and ineffective against themselves.

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    Elemental blocks are granted bonus DMG according to the ATK of vessels of the same element.

    You can obtain a large amount of resources from the daily resources stage. Don't miss out. You can get generous rewards for completing captain missions. DOn't pass them up.
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