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    I heard some ruckus on my way back. Seems like you could use a hand. I'll lend you one. For a nice extra tip that is. A Proxyan's ultimate is powerful enough to turn the tides of battle. For a Proxyan to use their ultimate, they need to build up EP over the course of the battle.
    I'm afraid you will have to continue command the operation due to the constant enemy presence. The renewable earth is one grand experiment. Top protect this experiment, we must protect the project from those who wish to disrupt it. Press team formation to decide which proxyans you will take out for combat. You can select characters from the list below to deploy into the team above. Mana and Aurora are rangers specializing in long range attacks, so place them side by side in the back row. Airen is an attacker that specializes in melee attacks. Then this position should suit her. Complete the team's formation to proceed with the battle.

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    The last battle gave you enough Proxyan EXP! You can upgrade your heroes. Tap on the enemy to view their information. The number of attacks will be important to break the enemy's barrier. Press the search button to attempt proxyan search. Here, you will be able to gather characters who can help you. If you're unsure of what to do, take a look at programm. It could serve as your guide. If you complete missions one by one, you will be able to receive useful rewards. Leveling up is the easiest way to make a character stronger. Try using a tactics manual to level up a hero. Press claim reward to claim the guide mission rewards. Press shortcut to move to where you can carry out the mission.

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    Record - here, you cna manage how you are progressing. Because of the limits of the record device, not everything can be recorded. But certain milestones can be set as missions and the record will progress as you accomplish more things. Currently, we analyze the record to make improvements to the project. And we've prepared a gift as appreciation for your help. If you would like more records of higher resolution, you will need to switch the base record for the premium record. It may be more costly, but please do note that the premium record will provide you with better quality data.

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