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    Hey, we were in the canyon just now. how did we suddenly come to this place? master, where is our companion? If you want to go back to your world, you must find the portal. You would be stuck here if the last portal shuts down.The first battle is about to begin. In battle, allies and enemies will attack each other. Heroes are able to cast active skill every turn by cast %. The cat % of each heroes are different. Active skills are vital to win the game, please take note of cast %. Level up your heroes can use the loot you just got. Tap heroes and check stats. Tap level up to increase the power of the hero. Tap equip to equip the gear you have for your heroes. We should be stronger now. in battle, the order of the heroes' actions ais determined by the speed stat. Zhao become the hero with best speed after his new equipment. If the master feels that the combat speed is too slow, you can adjust the combat speed below.

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    Even you go offline, your five strongest warriors will continue to train and battle endlessly. Tap chest to claim your auto battle loot. As you defeat more bosses, these rewards increase. Level up heroes can use the auto loot you just got. The atmosphere of this area is completely different from before. These seems to be a scary guy waiting for us. If might be due to the influence of the portal previously. Rankhor has awakened. To proceed to the next area, we must defeat him.
    The master seems to have completed the promotion mission in conquer ladder. Hopefully, i can see you climb from bronze up to master. Auto hero XP, labyrinth gold, combat speed - these are the bonuses you get from being in the bronze division. Do your best, and you'll unlock 4x battle speed in no time. Below here you can see the pre requisite quests to reach a division: clear stare 1-6, participate in the world boss 1 time, clear stage 2-4, recruit 2 heroes,. Complete all these and pass the promotion battle to reach a new division.

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    Tap on achilles to activate single gathering. Here you can check the effect of stat increase after gathering and the next gathering effect. Single gathering is unlocked when you activate a hero in gathering. If you activate another hero, you can unlock double gathering at the same time. In the future, the master's heroes will continue to be promoted. After promotion, you can level up the stat increase effect of gathering. After obtaining stat increase and epic hero, it is time to return to continu battling. World boss has awakened, Ranhor will invade 2 times a day. For the safety of residents, he must be driven back to his nest. Attack boss using single target DPS heroes for the best effect.FVI, the boss drops tons of gear.

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