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    In the last battle of the world, King Uther was seriously wounded and died. Three fairies sent him to the holy land of Avalon, where it is said that he always eventually buried. But it is believed that king Uther did not die. A few years later, the nine immortal empress who had mastered the powerful magic, suddenly disappeared. But in the fog on the edge of Avalon, there are a large number of undead and demons. The harmony and tranquility of the holy land was broken, and the cities and villages of all ethnic groups were destroyed in the invasion of the legion of Fear. The suffering people gathered in the last city, begging the great prophet to inform the direction of the future.
    First, upgrade town hall. Recruit strong heroes in tavern. Use portal - challenge the enemy here.

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    r0OCyCbLS - mosaic stone: it reacts well with the equipment and unlocks the mosaic holes of the equipment.
    YbDZhxtot - strengthening stone: a stone with mysterious power, used to strengthen equipment.
    yZHbh2tmp - resource pack: including coins, food, wood, cloth, stone, iron, leather of 50k each.
    Jemil8roZ - moon token: get diamond x2000 at once. From the next day, get bonus point x2, diamond x500 everyday in one month.
    IIUIPP89o - suits of king: including 5 legendary equipments of King with level 200.
    Stationing heroes of higher quality and level and capturing more cities in adventure can greatly increase resource product.
    Academy can provide some additional attribute enhancements to all characters, and can also increase resource production of city.
    Send available heroes to trade, you can get a steady stream of resources.

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