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    Playing cards: there are three main types of cards, which represent hero abilities: attacks, skills, and heroics. Playing a card costs 1 card play. Select an ability card with left mouse button to activate it, then select a target with left mouse button to confirm the ability. Each turn you receive 3 card plays. Use attack cards to damage enemies and gain heroism. Attack cards damage enemies. All attacks grant 1 heroism when used. Some attacks have added effects like knockback or stun. Heroic cards are powerful and decisive. Playing heroic cards requires heroism. Tip: gain heroism by using cheat codes or playing attack and skill cards. Once you have played your cards, use X to finish your turn.
    Minions and elites: there are two types of enemies: minions and elites. Minions have no health - any damage defeats them instantly! They are frail but still dangerous. Elites have higher health totals and require more damage to defeat. Tip: use attack and heroic cards wisely. High damage cards may be wasted on minions.

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    Some cards have the knockback effect. After selecting a target, aim the knockback direction to view potential impact points. Confirm the direction with left mouse button to push the enemy unit. Try knocking enemies into objects, heroes, or other enemies for extra damage.
    Target previews: at the start of each turn hero icons will appear above each enemy, showing who that enemy intends to attack. Use this information to determine which enemies to defeat first, or which heroes to defend. heroism cheat code - BUhZX6nKR.
    Use skills card to control the battle and gain heroism. Skills provide powerful supplemental effects like healing, damage boosts, and drawing cards. Skills do not generally deal damage. Skills are a great way to build heroism for powerful attacks. They provide more heroism than attack cards.
    Environment attacks: many objects on the battlefield can be used to your advantage with environment attacks. Environment attacks cost heroism but do not use a card play. These free attacks are very useful! use them wisely to score important knock outs. Tip: try using one or more rocks to wipe out extra enemies. Environment objects will glow when they cna be used to attack a nearby enemy.

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    Marvel's Midnight Suns hack menu & cheat codes tips

    Use redraw to replace undesirable cards in your hand. Highlight a card to redraw, then hold R to replace it with a new one. THe new card is random, but it may be more immediately useful.
    Use move to reposition a hero and set up the perfect knockback angle. Area of effect attack, or environment attack. InstructionsL select any location on the ground with left mouse button to enter move mode. Select again at the desired location to confirm the move. Each turn you have one free move. The currently selected hero will execute the move. Try moving a hero into position to kick the couch at the enemy units.
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