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    Welcome! You must be the new recruit. Many things have changed here due to the unusual behavior of spirits on the outskirt of our village. We are still investigating the reasons for their unusual behavior. But for the time being, you must stop them at all cost to protect the lives of our villagers. Tap and hold on any direction to start moving. Spirits usually fight on group, you must eliminate them fast before the rest of them shows up. Remember, you can use your skills to deal more damage. Skills uses mana, keep an eye on your mana. Watch out for your HP too, you will no longer be able to battle once it reaches zero.
    Tap on the blacksmith to see his services. Press the weapon/ equipment. Tap on the upgrade button. Tap on weapon to be used for the upgrade process. Tap to use equipment as material for the upgrade. Then use upgrade. Upgraded equipment boost your attack and defense. Be sure to upgrade your equipment from time to time.

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    That was awesome battle skills you have there. Spirits drop coins, equipment and other useful items that you can use in battle. Don't forget to check your inventory from time to time. Use runes to make your allies stronger. Runes can be obtained from adventures. Rune enhancements are available by visiting Karen Smith. Try to evolve using 2 identical companions who are fully enhanced! You can get powerful companions! Companion evolution can be found in the Allies menu. Try to increase your equipment level by consuming magic stones and fusion stones. The maximum equipment level is level 70. For equipment growth, visit blacksmith in the village. You can unlock powerful skills when you reach certain level. Skills are very useful in battle and it can help you eliminate spirits much faster. That looks sharp! Be careful with that! Now, i've taught everything you need. Carry on with your adventures and may the Goddess bless you in your adventures.

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