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    Hello, my hero! Your adventure begins here. So let's get started? This forest is full of monsters. Your character will hunt them on his own. Good equipment is a key to the victory. The deeper into the forest the stronger the monsters. You can get better equipment from them. You can change equipment only at the campfire. Try to equip the best items you can find. and you can handle local monsters easily. Oh, you placed your first tile. Forest increases your attack speed. Place a couple of forests nearby, would you? And see what will happen. Three little groves have turned into one big forset! It grants more attack speed than three separately. Nasty little monsters. You can wounded, but don't worry. Because you have a healing potion. Just remember, you only have three flasks. Your character will automatically drink it. Every tile has it's own specific effects. Tap any object to inspect them.

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    You can merge many tiles of one type. Remember - merge is always profitable. Don't hesitate to experiment, and try to merge anything. For example, three cemeteries make one crypt. Merged spawners create a bit stronger enemies, but loot is much better. Okay, enough spawners. You can refresh your building tab by clicking again button. But it costs gems, so do not abuse that. Some tiles, like a chest and a tavern, do not merge, but still they are very useful. For example, a tavern restores your HP. Try to place a couple of them. Ooops, i forgot to say - some tiles, such as tavern, forest, stone and crystal, create a spawner after placing them several times. Some different tiles have interesting synergies. Place treasury next to a goblin next to a goblin camp, and see what happen after building phase. See? These little pranksters pillaged the treasury down to the last coin. Now they are a bit stronger, but loot is awesome. At the last cycle of some stages you have to defeat a boss to win. Experiment, find different tile synergies, it's a fun! And always profitable. For example, try to place stone III next to a tavern.As you can see, each building helps you on your adventure. Never skimp on camp improvements.

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