Oddworld Stranger Wrath cheats
  • Free Oddworld Stranger Wrath hacks, cheats, code on money, critter, immortality. Letter free cheats on game Oddworld Stranger Wrath.

    Oddworld Stranger Wrath - free: cheats, hack, code ( money, critter)

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    • 0. MejBhKBkgu - money;
    • 1. D73OlOglhS - full hp;
    • 2. ZO1enkWzgh - captured aloive all enemies;
    • 3. aNaCn91gD0 - unlock all critter;
    • 4. X4GAsRdSS4 - cheats for achievement;

      cheats, hacks for Oddworld Stranger Wrath (critter)

      • 5. zHIeb9NTvh - the chippunk. Will lure enemies to where it's fired. The chippunk hasn't a limited range, and affects all enemies;
      • 6. Up1F7vAYDU - hacks for the balamite immobilized all targets with a web;
      • 7. zszYIsJJ6v - the balamite webbing in long time;

      • 8. OLSPLRR7PY - the stunkz can be to used to immobilize multiply enemies;
      • 9. T5MF76aFrx - the fuzzle can be used to ways: either as a trap or fired directly on enemies think of them as living mines... with theeth;
      • 10. OpZdxwBhvi - the zappfly can either be used as a rapid fire weapon, or can be Surged to activate objects such as doors, explosive barrels, and more

      Cheats, hacks on game Oddworld Stranger Wrath free and only letter code. Only enter cheats
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