mighty warriors hacking
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    Hacked mighty warriors rise of east android, ios

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    mighty warriors rise of east android, ios hack

    The year is 20xx. The world is in turmoil after the black dragon king and his army started invading countries. A group of brave warriors has battled their way to the black dragon king's lair and are about to put an end to his reign.

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    That day these 5 heroes were defeated. The black dragon king's reign continued and wars raged on across the world. 15 years have passed since then. This is the story of Crimson, a 20 year old boy living with Teresa and her father, the Duke of Wendell. Having recently turned 20 he devides it's the right time to explore the world in search of his long lost father. This is how the story of mighty warriors rise of east starts.

    Keep playing everyday to get the top - rank heores. Open chests and get some nice extras. Complete daily "wanted" levels to earn great rewards. If you tap on the skill button in the bottom right, you will unleash your skill. All the voice acting in this game mighty warriors rise of east is done by fans. Submit your own acting and it could be featured in this game.

    If you don't have a certain piece of equipment yet, tap it and it will show where you can find it. Collect the required heroes to collect rewards on the collect screen.

    how to enter cheats mighty warriors rise of east.

  • how and where enter
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