Once Heroes hacking
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    Hacked Once Heroes android, ios

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    Once Heroes android, ios hack

    In the beginning, humankind agonized over choosing between the path of good and evil, and the ensuing chaos led to greed and slaughter that decimated the soul. The gods who created men to beautify the world were disappointed, and so decided to destroy the humans and create a new world - the Armageddon plan.
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    Although a few gods disagreed, the armageddon plan was carried out with determination, and a dimension gate to hell was opened in the mortal world... demons invaded the realm of men without mercy! Several human nation "once Heroes" allied together to barely hold off the demonic horde, but as the war dreged more nations succumbed to the lure of the demons and the tide of war leaned heavily towards the demons.

    Even at such doomed time, Illyam the goddess of moon, who dearly loved the humans, summoned Guardians with her lunar power. The Guardians manage to drive out the demons beyond the dimension gates and save mankind from annihilation..

    But the gods once Heroes exile the goddess Illya from the divine realm, blaming her for the failure of the armageddon plan, then seal the guardians in various places of the mortal realm. They plan for another 10 years to re-summon the dimension gates.

    Mammon and Ramut, who have become the henchmen of the Hell King after betraying the humans, attacked the red moon temple where Illya sleeps in order to reopen the dimension Gate. The front-line heroes of the easter empire once Heroes during the armageddon war, kaliari and Halman, led the imperial allies to retake the temple... but they face peril against the enemy's guardian power.

    Luckily, the moon priestess sugar forsaw this and rescued the heroes on behalf of goddess Illya, and tell them to wait for the Chosen one of the guardians who will appear in easter.

    Tips Once Heroes: you can gain high-grade equipment in the demon dungeon of the dimension gate.

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