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    Hacked total war battles: kingdom android, ios

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    total war battles: kingdom android, ios hack

    The year is 915. England is ravaged by war. Local rulers fight for power and the heathen Danes pillage our shores. The picts of the North grow bolder each day., harassing our armies and raiding our sttlements. England needs a ruler to unite her people under one banner and to banish these dark times.
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    Welcome home, I wish we had time to feast your return but there are urgent matters to attend to. With the untimely deaths of your father and brother, you now control the realm. One of our Dams broke last autumn and the ensuing flood washed away what remained of the town. It must be rebuilt before reconstruction of the town can begin.

    The Dam total war battles: kingdom will hold the water back for now but should the water level rise to high, the Dam will break. As a precaution, we should raise the terrain behind it. Now that our town is protected from further flooding. It’s time to start rebuilding the residences our people lost. Residences will provide us with workers, who can be assigned to various jobs within our town. Once assigned, they will work until they retire.

    The blacksmith total war battles: kingdom requires a full workforce before it can start earning silver. Having 5 craftsmen will provide a bonus that increases the speed at which the silver is produced.

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