Hack cheats Darklord Tales
Darklord Tales hacking
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    Hacked Darklord Tales android, ios

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    Darklord Tales android, ios hack

    It was an long unwritten rule that underworld and human world do not care about each other. Humans lead their life on the earth with full of light and devils lead their life in the dark and thick underground. But the darkload who rules the underworld has an long rooted concern.
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    The root of his concern is humans. “ Although they are weaker than devils, they are smart and full of curiosity and they have been sneaking in the underworld from a long time ago.”
    The humans who stepped into the underworld...One by one, they take away the treasure accumulated and piled by devils for such a long time for the purpose of expedition, adventure and research. The treasure recklessly taken by humans for a long time...Usually makes someone rich...Sometimes it is essential for underworld...Sometimes it works dangerous in human world. Weaken the balance of devil and human in Darklord Tales. Likely get in trouble if devil don’t retrieve. Although the darklord troops may do something to retreive treasures. Darklord was worried if things may get complicated getting involved with humans. So he decided to select competent and trustworthy devilman to assign the task. Hence....

    To synthesize the items you need to level the limit is reached. Push the hard-to-beat enemies off the stage. Battle tile can get experience, item and gold. If you win the battle that tile is changed to reward tile.

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