Elio hacking
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    Hacked Elio android, ios

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    • unlimited crystals - xAfdse;

    Eli android, ios hack

    Ruleria, a world filled with glowing light. The shine tribe that inhabits it believe in the God of the Sun. For many years, the light their faith brought them allowed the tribe to live in peace. But a wicked shadow was able to sneak into this peaceful world. It all began without any warning, and it was the start to the ruin that would soon be visited upon them.
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    Elio a fantasie of light and darkness. Select quest inside a dungeon to begin battle.Quests Elio consist of five consecutive battles. When a battle begins, yellow action gauges will begin to build. When it is your turn, select a command button and an icon appear above possible targets. You can either select a target or tap the command button again.

    Battle commands Elio include regular attack, skill, and defend. Skills consume SP, so be sure you have enough remaining for your battles when you use them. Some class soul combinations result in special effects when a battle begins. Skills Elio unique to class souls can be used when attacking. Selecting the skill command will allow you to unleash powerful attacks such as attribute-based skills. Using skills will also deplete your SP (the blue gauge).

    Monsters and disciples of light Elio all have one of the following attributes: light, darkness, fire, water, or wood. Each attribute has strengths and weaknesses, affecting damage taken and dealt in combat. Target icons display attribute strengths and weaknesses. Red: the enemy’s attributes are weak, and damage will be increased.

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