Hack cheats Deckstorm duel of guardians
Deckstorm duel of guardians hacking
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    Hacked Deckstorm duel of guardians android, ios

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    Deckstorm duel of guardians android, ios hack

    The provenants had always existed...Upholding a timeless tradition Powering the sacred spire to ensure the cycle of Ages. Until greed fractured the tradition and the guardians were awakened!
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    Fellow provenant, the spire has become unstable! Quickly now, tap the cards to reclaim your guardians. The goal of the game Deckstorm duel of guardians is to defeat all enemy cards before your entire deck of cards is defeated.

    At the start of battle, your deck is randomly shuffled and 5 cards are drawn to form your hand at the bottom. Optimize your hand against your enemy by discarding cards with the lowest speed stat. The side with the highest speed will attack first when battle begins, denoted by the ‘sword’ icon. My friend, use one of my most trusted guardians as your leader card Deckstorm duel of guardians to provide a passive stat boost to your deck.

    Gameplay consist of both sides secretly selecting cards from their hands of face off. Their choices are then revealed at the same time and the cards fight each other based on their stats.

    Following the events of the sacred spire’s fracture, you take on the role of a forgotten provenant, a colossal race charged with restoring a centuries old tradition. Battle the land’s greatest guardians Deckstorm duel of guardians and reunite them with the spire to restore the cycle of ages: collect diverse cards; build a synergistic deck; conquer your foes through adrenaline-fueled card battles.

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