monster raid hacking
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    The plan of the article:
    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

    Hacked monster raid android, ios

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    monster raid android, ios hack

    At the center of the giant sea, a cluster of 7 islands. The ocean route to this previously unknown world was discovered by accident, and countless people flocked to the area in search of prosperity. The people called this place “monster world”.

    Let me formally introduce myself. I’m, your partner from today onwards. I’ll be your manager and assistant. Novice hunters like you need an expert like me to help, of course. If there are anu urgent missions or messages from the hunters’ association monster raid, i’ll delivering them to you.

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    The monsters here at monster world attack everything they see. The enemy are on your right, and your monster team is on the left. Character with high speed will be given their next turn more quickly.
    Tips: the type of enchant ingredients that can be gained in each dungeon is different. Being a monster hunter is a very honorable job. The leader skills of the leader monsters and friend monsters apply to the entire party. In the raid portal, you can see and participate in raids started by your friends. Among the dungeons of the chasm, there are dungeons where players can gain large amounts of rewards. The monster fragments gained from raids can be used to create rare monsters.

    The moster you want to help grow is placed on the top, and the monsters you want to use as material are put on the bottom.You can choose up to 5 monsters to use as ingredients. If you have any hero you don't need, use them as ingredients for combining. Remember, if there are quests that you have not finished, you will not be able to find other items. The attributes of your monsers have a very important impact on battle

    how to enter cheats monster raid.

  • how and where enter
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