hacking xteam save the earth
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    Hacked xteam save the earth android, ios

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    xteam save the earth android, ios hack

    Captain! The enemy is moving in! We should prepare to attack! Tap the lower part of the screen to fire the gatling gun. Can you see the red full-auto gauge? Press and hold the screen longer then full-auto is available.

    Captain! You are now familiar with battle! But in order to face stronger enemies you should increase your power. Try leveling up with the gold you earned. You levelled up and gatling damage has increased. When you reach a certain level, you can also learn your own skills as captain.

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    Secrets gameplay xteam save the earth (android):
    Captain! The enemy is becoming stronger. We also need powerful allies. There is a hero who wishes to join the team at the moment. Raynor the breaker has joined the team. Raynor has a long-standing reputation of being a gatling gun sharpshooter. All heroes have their own unique gear. As gear levels up, its hero’sDPS increases and when it reaches a certain level, it unlock a special feature. Don’t forget, regular leveling up of gears leads to a victory in battle.

    Captaint! We need friends to get upper hand in battle xteam save the earth. The more friends you have listed, the faster the gatling speed becomes. Also if you make your friend embark on the gatling, the full-auto speed will increase greatly for a certain amount of time.

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