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    Hacked heroes rally android, ios

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    heroes rally android, ios hack

    In the mysterious grasslands of the east, there was a small village, far far away, everyone was living happily and peaceful together. Until one day, a gigantic meteor hit the earth! The sleeping dark powers resurrected, living creatures transformed into monsters, and the world fell into the hands of evil. Luckily there were heroes that inherited the power of the feather hats. They stood up to stop evil and to bring back peace, and started their battle against the Devil king!
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    Welcome game heroes rally! Just like Master said, monsters crystals when they are damaged! Also, the higher the combo, the more Energy Crystals that drop! With enough Energy, our ultimate ability will be activated! Cast shield to block the monster's ability while everyone else focuses on attackinq!Tank type warrior - can hold the frontlines to make space for our team's DPS! Archer can provide long range physical damage for the team. Healer can summon defensive shields and protect the team from damage.

    Secrets gameplay heroes rally(android):
    Casting defensive shield abilities at the right moment can greatly reduce damage received. There is a limit to amount of times heroic stages can be played each day. Heroic stages drop large amounts of hero fragments. Complete daily quests to receive large amounts of exp. Awakening stones and hat fragments are used for awakening. Kill monsters in the labyrinth to receive accessories.

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