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    cry the blackened soul android, ios hack

    The Era of peace... There was a time when humans respected gods, and gods were fathomlessly merciful toward humans. However, that memory is so distant now... The apocalypse brought on by the gods who’d gone mad...The era of agony where angels and demons slaughtered humans together. It became a living hell. There was no point of resisting. Family..friends.. It didn’t matter. They weren’t long for this world.

    The only one willing to lend a head was Memphito the Demon. The contract of Death and soul. With demonic power, the human unleashes rage upon the world. He wanders the world to kill the gods. Fragile emotions like guilt, tolerance, and mercy... Are no longer a part of him. The only thing left? Endless rage toward the gods. Kill all the gods of the world.
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    Welcome game cry the blackened soul! Demon Warrior - a warrior who gained the Demon’s arm by joining hands with Memphito. He’s full of hatred for the corrupted gods. Shadow mage - a cold-hearted sorceress filled with dark shadows. In order to find the cursed sisters who missing, she signed a contract with Memphito. Mad witch - a girl who’s been in a contract with Memphito for a long time. She’s always with her demon-imbued doll, Larry.

    Secrets gameplay cry the blackened soul (android):
    You can evolve gear and Familiars to the next grade by using a Chaosites. Synthesize Runes of the same grade to make 1 Rune of a higher grade. Raise your Guild's Honor through Guild. Stats will increase as the gear quality gets closer to Premium. Runes can be acquired from the Dairy Dungeon.
    Aim for each stage's weaker Attribute with different runes to deal heavy damage. You can purchase accessories in the shop using Battle Coins acquired in the Battle Arena.

    Acquire various achievements and quests to receive many different rewards. If you don't receive your reward, you won't be able to continue to the next achievement, so make sure you collect your rewards right away. You need SP to learn or enhance skills. SP allows you to acquire 1 point each time your character levels up.

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