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    Hacked final seal android, ios

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    final seal android, ios hack

    At the end of the world, here was once a beautiful country called Sauron. It was under the protection of the Son of light, Arn. And son of dark, Eve response to driving away the hidden evil. Despite all this, the evil still demons of the foreign regime are seeking chance to capture and rule the land. The evils managed to trick the twins into thousand year long sleep, and bewitched the militant Asura with the blood of evil soul to launch a war.

    In the face of the disaster, the Elf queen Final seal Medea forged an ally with the leader of human King Baron to fight against the enemy. Wars lasted for hundreds of years, and caused untold sufferings. Ultimately, Medea summoned the seal to protect the land with her own blood, and sealed the evil soul together with herself in the Sacred mountain.

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    Welcome game final seal! The war had won. The elves and human were bond to protect the Sacred mountain and the seal.However, the zealots bewitched by the blood of the evil souls were hidden in the dark. Trying to break the seal and release the evil souls. In the end, the seal was overwhelmed by dark force, and the uncurbed evil souls poured out. The peace lasted for thousands of years were to be broken....

    Secrets gameplay final seal (android):
    The store sells more powerful equipments as you advance in adventure. Remember to check the store when entering a new chapter. Use health potion in action bar to restore HP! After enhancing, heroes will be able to use advanced equipment and learn advanced skills. Original equipment and skills can still be used, nevertheless. You can move items between warehouse nad bag. Higher VIP level provides more revive chances in the dungeon every day. Beaten opponents will drop chests, you will find some random loots! You can buy powerful items at the secret merchant in the dungeon. Goods in the store are regularly refreshed. One lucky guy once bought a sword used by a dragonslayer!

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