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    seven guardians android, ios hack

    But the peace didn’t last long. Jotunn the Malicious had raised his Unded army deep below the roots, and took over the Nine worlds one by one. Just when the last piece of hope was about to disappear...Survived heroes formed the alliance and planned the final counterattack. The legend pf those who survived seven guardians are now in your hands.

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    Welcome game seven guardians! I’m glad we’ve finally met! My name is Tina, and i’ve been looking forward to this moment! Let me introduce you to our six Heroes who will join our journey to Asgard. Hurry! We must rescue warlord Rangar! Deploy archer Dwen to attack air units! I can see that you gor the hang of it! It looks like the Arena has opened just in time for you to challenge other players!
    The alliance and the seven heroes of the prophecy have taken Midgard back for once and for all. They defeated the first gateway and retook Midgard.

    Secrets gameplay seven guardians:
    Warlord - the commander of the alliance. Hurls a giant lance to annihilate all enemies. Cheat code - unlock all tanks: Gulltopp, Heidrin, Sudri, Fenrir, Sleipnir, Thiassi, Audhumla, Hodur, Fafnir, Vethrfolnir, Einherjar.
    Select elixirs to level up your hero. Ypu’ve partivipated in the arena! Ou will receive diamonds as weekly rewards based on your ranking, so dont forget to participate! Remember, golems are good for both offense and defense. Beat warrior - Warriors known for their valor, the most courageous ones of the Beast. They charge enemy ranks in groups and break their formations.

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