hacking heroes warsong
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    Hacked heroes warsong android, ios

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    heroes warsong android, ios hack

    Buy exp guidebooks to get extra items or allies. Place allies into the formation to let them join the battle. Every spot has a taunt level and a battle buff, which will be applied to the ally in that spot. Taunt level determines the possibility of being attacked. Battle stats give different stat buffs, you can try different ally combinations to increase stats that you need.
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    Welcome game heroes warsong! Hydra Mainland is connected to many "Worlds". Through portals, you can travel between these worlds. The arrival of the holy crusaders plunder the world into turmoil. “Crusaders shall bring destruction!” Thus, ruler Ox-cifer gave the order to capture the 4 crusaders...Only you can help me obtain the sacred Western scrolls! Only you can vanquish evil and slay demons...

    Secrets gameplay heroes warsong android:
    Didn’t mean to use Alcemy? Press reverse. Know when to use your skills, and you can stun your opponents next moves. Mobs will randomly attack your characters. The characters with higher taunt levels will be most likely to get attacked. Normal attacks and taking damage will give you rage, when your rage is full, you can use your skills. On the left is your main character’s skills, and on the right are your allies’ skills! Hearts will restore on its own. Take a rest and fight again! You’ve got some gadget? Put it on to increase your battle power! Gadget can increase a heroes warsong stats. High quality gadget can also be enhanced! Equip a character with 6 gadgets to enable Alchemy, which can increase a character’s battle power.

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