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    Aurcus Online android, ios hack

    Hello, isn’t this a beautiful storm? This ship is under monster’s attack right ow. It will sink soon. Unfortunate. But did you defeat all the monsters intruding the ship? You look the strongest among those in this ship. But you couldn’t match the big one on the deck. I will give you the power to defeat them for a little time. But be careful. Don’t forget that you have borrowed the power from a witch.
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    Welcome game Aurcus Online! How to adventure? Move in the direction of the “guide arrow”, and talk to “sailor velcanto”. You can begin the “Main quest”. By beginning the “main quest”, you can meet new people and go to new places, expanding your adventure world.

    Skills: stringer - set the weapon horizontally and rush forward. Needle press - pierce the ground with the weapon x2 damage for fallen enemies. Slide cutter - mow enemies moving sides by pressing the action button pushing cursor keys to right and left. Counter smash - give a powerful cut out attack by pushing cursor keys back and release the action button after pushing it for a period of time.

    Secrets gameplay Aurcus Online android:
    Item will be sent to premium box Rugia and coin will be added automatically. Ticket which unlocks certain title which can be used to create your own titles. Box with recovery items that will help your adventure.

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