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    sky assault android, ios hack

    Lolly - a lively dragon rider. She has joined forces with her friend Fire Dragon to protect their village. Inflicts continuous fire damage. Strengths: fast attack speed; weakness - low hp.
    Raven - a dark mage born from the shadow of a dark forest. Carrirs with him a pack of shadow ravens that never miss their quarry. Skills: auto-aim, attacks enemies with magic arrows and illusions.
    Akari - the continent’s best assassin and crossbow shooter who never misses her target. When her crossbow gleams, someone falls to the ground, dead.
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    Welcome game sky assault! Elizabeth - the queen of the snowfield who has appeared astride an ice dragon. Her power of ice can freeze the heated battlefield in a fraction of a second.
    Sky hunter - a bomber pilot who rules the sky. He can shoot down anything with is high-powered rockets. Specializes in aerial attacks. Armed with a machine gun and rockets.
    Typhoon - a prince of the sea riding sea waves.He’s the best demolition expert boasting massive explosive power. Attacks with a harpoon equipped with powerful bombs. Recovers HP and energy while at the rivers and seas.
    Arslan - a legendaru knight who protects the golden plains. No one can avoid cannonballs he shoots while flying across the sky on the back of a golden lion. Specializes in ground attacks, a powerful hand cannon.
    Striker sky assault - an iron trooper also known as the Carpet Bomber. He and his iron-clad dragon leave nothing but black ashes and smoke in thier wake. Specializes in ground attacks.
    Scarlet - a fire witch born from a lava pit. She grows stronger when she’s surronded by fire. Inflicts continuous fire damage with firebombs.
    Thor - a fod of thunder who rules the battlefield. No living man can evade his anger. Attacks multiple surrounding enemies with lightning.
    Paladin sky assault - a battlefield destroyer who has appeared astride on a giant armed dragon. His ruthless mortar attacks level target areas to the ground almost instantly. Armed with a mortar for ranged attacks.
    Secrets gameplay sky assault android:
    Prelude to the counterattack - the enemy launched an large-scale invasion with its dragoons in the lead. It was only a matter of time before the hostile army seaized the entire continent. The allied forces had to use their last card up their sleeve: Sky Assaulters, a super-elite flying mercenaries. They made their first sortie as a prelude to reclaim strategic points led to the enemy stronghold.

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