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    idle heroes android, ios hack

    Welcome to the land of warriors. Let me show you around. This is magic circle whre you can summon heroes. Basic summon grants low quality heroes. Basic summon costs basic summon scroll. Heroic summon grants high quality heroes (3 star, 4 , 5 star). Heroic summon costs heroic summon scroll.
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    Welcome game idle heroes! Pass the dungeon portal and you will get to the battle area. Before the battle starts, we need to set heroes. Tap hero avatar to choose the hero you want to dispatch. The dispatched heroes will fight automatically, winning loot for you over time! See the progress bar? We are exploring this stage. When the stage is about to finish, 1 battle will be triggered. You can dgar hero avatars to change their position.
    Heroes of the front 2 positions will be at the brunt of the attack. It’s a good idea to place heroes with high defense there.
    Secrets gameplay idle heroes android:
    With a higher vip level, you can get some great privileges. Fraction restrains deals 50% more damage. Attacking and taking damage grants heroes with energy. When energy is full, you can use skills. Do you know that heroes can be combined with shards? Ok! Let’s learn how to do that. Strong heroes are important for your journey of adventure. The heroes can be disassembled to spirit which is an important material to upgrade heroes. Remember to use new heroes in time. Tap to claim auto fight loot. The longer the battle time, the better the reward.

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