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    Hacked princess quest android, ios

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    • ancestor - jgh98h;

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    • gem crystal - vfvds0;

    • gold coins - 4rft2w;

    • treasure box - hgFe83.

    princess quest android, ios hack

    Hero will attack automatically! Even you’re away he will keep up the fight! When you retreat, train multiply increase to increase ATK of princess and hero. Prince will not attack unless you touch a screen! She attacks only when you touch! Touch the game screen to let the princess make additional attacks.

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    Welcome game princess quest! You may get additional effects if the relic is upgraded more than 100 levels. You will have a stronger ally if you own a pet. It seems like activation chance of the attack of my pet is low. Is there anything i can do? You may buy a pet activation chance increase buff in the shop with gems or hack cheats android code. Before we get to the stage where we obtain pets, what happens if i buy a pet in advance? If you clear stage where you obtain them, level of the pet will automatically increase by 1 level.

    Secrets gameplay princess quest android: is the raid only possible 3 times a day? I want more guild points to do star upgrade. Yeah, you can continue if you watch the ads. If you wanna get stronger star upgrade is a must. Once you’ve cleared stage 100, you may participate in the guild raid. Currently, you don’t have any memories. You can earn it through the hourglass which you can earn by retreat. You can create or join a guild once you cleare stage 25! It gets stronger if you increase the level of a relic that is star upgaded.

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