hacking Gramfantasia Genesis
  • Cheats, hack Gramfantasia Genesis: gem crystal, special gacha gear, unlimited spirit beads, gold coins, shard. Hacked game Gramfantasia Genesis android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Gramfantasia Genesis android, ios

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    • shard — gr5fcd;

    • gold coins - gntb53;

    • unlimited spirit beads - 3rfg3q;

    • gem crystal — hnjio9;

    • special gacha gear — 4rft2w.

    Gramfantasia Genesis android, ios hack

    Eyes, open your eyes, knight of light. I am the goddess cheat-on. Right now there is a great danger approaching world, you have to stop it. Knight of light, I need your help. You have to defeat the coming darkness and save this world. You are the chosen one, the only one who can do this. You must have lost your memories of the past, then I shall help you recall them once more.

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    Welcome game Gramfantasia Genesis! When you encounter an enemy, basic attacks will be automatically activated. Touch the skill icon to activate skills. In an emergency situation, you can change the party leader. Hight ranked characters will use a powerful skill when they show up. You will get various rewards when you complete a stage. You can get new hero of high rank from hero synthesis. Your gear's ability would be increase when you upgrade gear. Use experience potion to increase the level of characters. For fight stronger enemies, item enchantment is necessary.

    Secrets gameplay Gramfantasia Genesis android: you can identify hero's elemental, enchant, rank, level from hero icon. You can get a new hero at the shop. You can take advantage of new hero signings. They can be used in your party for upcoming battles. Eliminate enemies by using skills, defense and companion skill. You can change targets by swiping from side to side. You can see your targeted enemies by looking at the mark at the bottom of the unit. Hero has given as a reward of tutorial completion. For more powerful enemies, equipping new and better gears is required. You can recognize hero's acquisition info from collection.

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