Mountain Goat mountain
  • Mountain Goat mountain cheats hacking game on coins, don't die by log, boulder, goat skins.

    Mountain Goat mountain review

    Mountain Goat mountain is a new fast arcade game on ios and android, where player climb the highest and most treacherous mountain ever seen by a goat.

    Crazy little addictive game! A lot of fun, the physics are pretty decent and easy to understand, but the controls are a bit frustrating. Good fun Kills time, cute graphics, great soundtrack

    CLIMB to all new heights to show your friends that when the goating gets tough, you get goating. Original game play. Best creative team in a long time. DODGE lots of things that when falling will most likely squish you. Collect different Goat Hats to travel to different environments, including Arizona Desert, VR Voxels, and Winter Snowland.

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    Mountain Goat mountain cheats

    Open 10 chests - uHYy0S
    coins - XlMwOa
    mistery crate- X0qfJc
    more free coins - UKmkn7
    jump at least 4 squares up from a springboard - JwcslJ
    camurai goat - XOMXIl
    don't die by log - 5F5Z0E
    climbed 1000 meters in a single game - Wrd3Ak
    cause 100 squares to crumble - bjIKb5
    don't die by boulder - L1VxDj
    sherif dusty - JxUZp8
    timber goat - s5w7xH
    fancy - TE45DI
    geisha - U0ykNw
    blizzard - DHzzEU
    cheats: unicorn goat - nJD5cA
    miner - 0S0uHo
    earmuff - B9ZRix
    billy the kid - zIzAqh
    cozy - 1VuY61
    open all skins - yDNpWT
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