hacking Point Blank Mobile
  • Cheats, hack Point Blank Mobile: gold coins,pass card, unlimited energy, greande, rpg, medikit, gem crystal, enhance. Hacked game Point Blank Mobile android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Point Blank Mobile android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack enhance - ge3wdw;

    • gem crystal diamonds - 3rfg3q;

    • level up - o55s8y;

    • gold coins — 3njio9;

    • stamina energy — uhuo76;

    • unlimited grenade, rpg, medikit — fsiop9;

    • pass card — 4rft2w.

    Point Blank Mobile android, ios hack

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    Secrets gameplay Point Blank Mobile android: during survival mode, you can continue after game is over by watching video. This facility is designed to prepare you for the battles ahead. You will now learn the basics of controlling your character. Remember, some terrains are unnavigable. Movement button will be disabled to such a terrain. The time it takes to reload depends on weapon type and any upgrades it may have. Take cover and reload when the timing is right. You may gain a slight advantage over your opponent. When you empty your clip, your character will automatically reload the weapon.
    To effectively engage enemies point blank mobile at a distance, use sniper rifle. You can equip up to two weapons. Pick the right weapon depending on the situation. Throw a grenade to attack clusters of enemies at once. RPG 7 is a rocket launcher – that will explodes once it hits to inflict serious damage to nearby enemies. When you are injured during combat, try using medikit to recover HP

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