hacking Raiders of the Realm
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    Raiders of the Realm android, ios hack codes

    This was once the God's realm until the great war came. The monsters won and the world's core was destroyed. The Gods. Made from the World's core, perished along with it. Their essence scattered across the shattered realm. Now, only monsters remain to rule what's left of this place. But you, summoner, can change all of this.
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    Welcome game Raiders of the Realm!You have the power to unify scattered essence and in doing so, revive the Gods! I need your help to bring them all back, to save this realm! So step forth and summon him now!
    First, behold the mighty Thor! He's a ranged assault raider! He specializes in attacking 3 targets at once. Thor's lightning bolt does bonus elemental damage on the Stomper. You can tap or drag to move. Tap once on an enemy so your character can attack it! The colored cores are the power sources that provide bonuses or penalties against each other. Use that to your advantage in battle.

    Heroes Raiders of the Realm: Hercules – does a power punch on every 3rd auto attack, dealing extra damage. Cupid – unable to attack enemies, but her auto attack health injured allies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Raiders of the Realm android bug codes: battle against monsters with a team of gods and unleash their abilities to defeat evil bosses! Your victory has earned you enough essence to summon new heroes. Tap on character portrait to summon it. Battle to get the needed essences to upgrade. The tab on the right shows the monsters you will encounter in battle. Pro tip – pace yourself when using abilities because they will deplete your energy bar. Upgrade heroes to make them stronger in battle. You've earned a reward for completing all the objectives in the sanctuary.

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