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    Hacked wonder tactics android, ios

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    wonder tactics android, ios hack codes

    Hi! My name's cheat-on. I'm the fairy that summoned you to this forest. I know you're confused. But please hear me out. This is the Tiny Continent. It's a beautiful place where the five elements exist in perfect harmony. The heroes protected the continent with the power of fire, water, earth, dark and light. The heroes fought against the evil monsters of the past and kept the peace for a long time. But the seal of Punir, a powerful dragon, was broken by an unknown power and
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    Welcome game wonder tactics! We're at the village now. Thanks for listening to my story. We opened the teleport while battling against Punir and ended up scattering Heroes all over the continent. We'll need to find the heroes first to be able to seal Punir again. Let's first summon the heroes to help you before we leave the village.

    Icilaa is powerful hero with the power of ice! Her ice skill will come in handly when defeating monsters! Chris is a defense hero who'll protect the allies from the enemies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay wonder tactics android bug codes: power up gems to increase the property value. Various rewards are available from each floor of the Tower of treasures. The kind of the reward box will change according to the boss's final level. You need social points or crystals to summon heroes. You can summon heroes to help out in the battlefield and complete various achievements. You can add up to 5 heroes in a team. The attribute of the secret dungeon changes daily.

    Here's what you need to know about the battle wonder tactics. The forest monsters can be defeated easily with the fire chris as they're of the earth attribute. Let's take a look at the monster formation. See the two monsters in the same column? Chris's just attack will attack a column of enemies. Attribute attack power is only effective on the hero of the attribute.

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