hacking Bravium
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    Hacked Bravium android, ios

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    • gold coins — bfr2sc;

    • gold, star chest — gr5tyq;

    • rune — lkUerc;

    • philisopher's stone — Ii98yr;

    • increase talents: strength, stamina, intelligence, wisdom — grt3ew;

    • unlimited stars — Knde3w;

    • skill points — fr3t2w.

    Bravium android, ios hack codes

    So at last, the hero drew up with the dragon right in front of the black castle gates...An unseeable force pulled him forth, towards the adversary. The hero starts moving if you touch the screen before or behind him. Swinging his sword once, he didn't stop until the enemy was vanquished. The hero attacks automatically with the weapon. When his sword was failing him, the magic engaged. Press the icon to apply the spell.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Bravium! He girded up his loins, took his best potions and traps. Push the icon to activate them item. Unfortunately the dragon's minions happened to be very powerful, and our hero perished in an uphill battle.. Oh wait, you are a newbie, aren't you.. what a confusion. Let me start from the beginning!

    Hello there! I'm the Cabbage Lass. Nice boat you have there, you must be a hero. We have sort of an issue here. The monsters tried to assault the village. Will you help us? Here the current resources are displayed. Slaying of the monsters gains gold and rage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Bravium android bug codes: press 'play' to come ashore and avenge the monsters. Slow monsters' attacks are powerful but can be easily dodged by moving backwards. The hero becomes stronger moving through the levels. On the scrolls you can examine the detailed description of hero's abilities and improve them. To improve press the button in the lower half of the scroll. The necessary amount of skill points is shown on the button.

    Chose the weapon icon android game Bravium and press ' buy'. Purchased weapon will be delivered from the ship right away. To equip some kinds of weapon you need to level up your hero first. Destroy of a tower earns the hero one star. On each level one can earn up to three stars, one for the victory over monsters and one for every tower. When the rage bar is filled, the hero Bravium gets levelled up with one skill point. The skill points can be spent to improve magic abilities. You can change and improve the hero's equipment before the battle.
    Dragon ship deck. The place, where the hero has a work out and keeps his equipment for future fights. Collected stars Bravium might be spent on constant improvement of the hero's characteristics, or talents.
    After the fight all powerful weapons are returned to the ship's armoury. The hero can order the weapons he needs again, since he gains enough gold and fury. With little chance, laying the monster can get the hero a runic stone Bravium. Press the rune to apply its effect or wait to hit another one to activate the philisopher's stone.
    The hero is going to study magic spells while he travels. Press the scroll to read the description of an ability. To choose spells of a current slot, press the button in the bottom of the scroll. Right upon the hearing of the reed horn sounds the monsters will attack, and the hero earns a little gold.

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