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    Talents allow you to customize your Champion's abilities. You can select a talent at each of the 10 tiers.
    When you can unlock a tier, it will say: LEVEL UP! It requires GOLD and XP to unlock a tier. You earn GOLD and XP by
    playing matches. Once a tier is unlocked, you can TAP AND HOLD on a talent for more information. TAP on a talent to select it, then hit the SAVE button to lock in your choice.

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    Champion Ash: The Phoenix Spirit is an old and complex demigod, both feared and admired in the Realm of Fire. The mortals of the Realm invoke the Great Phoenix for luck, protection and strength, but the oldest stories also describe the Phoenix as a fickle and scheming creature, one who delights in striking fear into the hearts of its enemies and exacting gruesome revenge on those who displease it .It is said that at the beginning of time, there was only a single Realm. In a fit of anger, the Phoenix Spirit conjured a tremendous gale of flame, cleaving the Realm into eight distinct pieces.

    Seraphina Call of Champions: Seraphina was born into the inner circle of the Heofen in the Realm of Light, the only daughter of a pair of government officials who served directly under the sovereign Gabriel himself. As a girl. Seraphina spent countless hours immersed in adventure stories, poring over the fabled exploits of mighty heroes and monsters. Her favorite story chronicled the trials of Havok the Warrior and Ambrios, his legendary Twilight Spear.

    Nova: Every High Priestess in the Realm of Light is learned in the story of Solveig, the Goddess of Summer. Solveig was a thoughtful and merciful goddess, enamored with the gentle race of angels and their delicate affairs. She often donned a material form and met with them, offering heavenly wisdom and gifts of golden bands and grain. At time's beginning, ail of the Realms were ion between the forces of Chaos and Order was great; it was when this tension came to a head that a horde of demons invaded the land of angels, threatening to stamp them out completely

    Mackenna: Jabari Mackenna is a hero torn straight from the pages of a comic book: tall, strong, handsome and brave, with an unwavering devotion to the lives of others. He was raised by a good and loving family. As a young man, Jabari excelled in every field, competing as an athlete at a prestigious college with professional aspirations; like many great heroes, his destiny changed in the blink of an eye. In the tumultuous Tech Realm, espionage is constant and vicious, often spilling over from corporations and nations to the schools that feed them their talent.

    Magmatus: In the early days of the Realm of Earth, humans, dwarves and mole-men shared the lands, occasionally butting heads but keeping mostly to themselves. The dwarves were the first to grasp the untapped potential of agriculture, migrating in droves to great mountain ranges and carving out sprawling garden terraces. Humming fonts of magic lay dormant throughout the Realm, mysteries the fledgling creatures had just begun to comprehend...

    Grimnir:As a master craftsman. Grimnir forged weapons and armor for powerful kings and warriors. As a skilled combatant Grimnir crushed his foes under the heft of a weighted hammer; he abandoned the battlefield for good on the day that his son was born, the eve of his 106th birthday.
    Without the excitement of battle to distract him. Grimnir threw himself into his work as a blacksmith completely and was consumed by the pursuit of perfection. With his son as an apprentice, he forged increasingly gorgeous swords and armors, rapidly outclassing his rivals...

    Galen Call of Champions: For centuries, the elven king Vermul governed the Realm of Nature, tt was a time of peace and progress, and when Vermul finally passed away, the entire kingdom grieved for him; none were as devastated as his sons, the twelve princes of the Realm. When it came time to read his will, it was revealed that Vermul had bequeathed a cryptic message to his children; There is nothing given in this world. I leave my throne not to my eldest son Galen, but to he among my blood who is strongest.." The kingdom was plunged into chaos.

    Feng Call of Champions: Feng was discovered on the doorstep of Yukati temple, a common fate for orphans in the Air Realm. As she grew older, Feng found herself dissatisfied with the domestic tasks that she was assigned by Tetsu, Yukati temple's master; Feng was naturally drawn to the discipline of combat Although women were not traditionally educated as warriors, Tetsu agreed to make an exception for Feng, convinced that the difficult training would discourage her. Feng persevered in the fact of incredible hardship, becoming the first woman to complete the monks' training.

    Cobal: In the realm of Light, Cobal is remembered as a monster, a traitor who sought to destroy the Realm and everything it stood for. The truth is even more intriguing. Cobal began her ascension through the ranks of the Heofen as a Pacifier, a pair of plated boots on the ground whose job was to maintain order among the citizens of the Capital City. Her firm devotion and sharp wit didnt go unnoticed for long; within a few short decades she was the reigning Hand of Order, the preeminent authority on homeland security and civilian conformity who answered only to Gabriel, the indisputable ruler of the Realm of Light.

    Cinder: The early days of the Realm of Fire marked a time of great upheaval. Deep fissures and towering mountains formed, tectonic plates collided, and the rampant magics of creation gave birth to tough, squat crops and hot-blooded creatures. Legend says that the demon Cinder was born of these pressures, formed deep in the core of the lands; the spirit was without a body of its own, a possessor of other living things. The malicious Cinder compressed and compacted its unsuspecting host's emotions, collapsed them into hatred, and consumed the innocents from the inside out to bend them to its will

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