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    Hacked cannon king android, ios

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    cannon king android, ios hack codes

    You will win when you destroy the enemy castle while preserving your cannon. Gauge shows you your siege weapon's HP. Be sure to defend it at all costs or the battle will be lost. Before firing your siege weapon be sure to set the direction and firing angle. Completing stages in 'story mode' will reward you more castle and weapon experience, while winning 'siege battle' will reward you with more gold.
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    Welcome game cannon king! Now it is time to fire at the enemy castle. Hold the fire button to fill the meter. Let go of the button when it is at the desired power. Let go of the button when the gauge is fully charged to fire with full power. Press the right button to move the cannon ball to the right. Gold used for upgrade and item purchases. Manage – this is where you manage your siege weapon, heroes, and other items.

    Secrets cheat gameplay cannon king android bug codes: tilt your device right and left to maneuver the projectile. Earn lots of experience from story mode. Rubies used to purchase gold and recruit heroes. Before continuing, you should know that these are bombs. Bombs are used when attacking other player's castles. The shop button – you can purchase rubies and trade rubies for gold here. You can also purchase items for your castle and siege weapon.

    All heroes cannon king can be trained. Premium training will increase the chance that training will be successful. There are two types of items. Castle items and weapon items. Castle items help you protect your castle, while weapon items strengthen the siege weapon projectiles. Support level provides better passive bonus for all your cannons. If you already own a cannon in the bundle you are purchasing, you will be refunder 50% of the cannon's cost upon purchase.

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