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    Knight Slinger android, ios hack codes

    Oratoria – the blessed land of two goddesses. A blaze of chaos engulfed the once peaceful land by the goddess Odelia. Odelia longed for the power to rule over the entire Oratoria. She was unpredictable. Odelia and her followers were on the verge of destructing the entire world. To stand against the coup, Moira leads the battlefield alongside knights of light. The war finally was coming to an end when the number of defeated enemies began to grew indefinite.
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    Welcome game Knight Slinger! And when the silver lining was finally about to reveal itself. Agro Kazdin, farmer leader of the knights of light also known as the right hand of Moira. He, who was said to have died during a missions, suddenly appeared in the sky.
    Knights of light junior cadet recruitment. Are you a loyal and valiant individual who's not afraid to stand at the forefront to fight for for the happiness of all? If so, we need you now!
    Place your finger anywhere on the screen. Drag your finger back and release to attack. The gauge fills up whenever you land a blow or take a hit. Tap the portrait to use a skill once the gauge is full!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Knight Slinger android bug codes: first top up bonus may help you stand out! Collect a full set of equipment to activate its stats. Bumping into one of your allies can also fill up your skill gauge. Insidious – god of the beginning – created goddess Moira and goddess Odelia. Soon a public notice was seen everywhere.
    Exhilarating Latanya – Latanya is extremely independent and does everything on her own, but she doesn't really feel lonely. She enjoys the way the hot desert sand caresses her small feet, and aften ponders her life of solitude.
    Drowsy Rosalyn – is a lazy, young girl who loves to sleep more than anything, but she's also a very skilled spearman.
    Select team Knight Slinger – this is a warrior configuration that specializes in consecutive attacks. Spearmen can cut through and pierce their enemies. They kind of resemble shooting stars. Magicians draw a magic circle that deals consecutive damage to enemies standing in it. Spearman have slow turns due to their heavy spears, and they don't often get many chances to attack.

    Robin – is a naive, young boy with dreams of becoming a knight and receiving the title of Moira's champion. Rey – applied to join the knights of light as a junior Cadet to fulfill the last wishes of his dead parents.
    Select team Knight Slinger- this is most basic warrior configuration in crush. Swordsmen can move large distances and knock back enemies. Archers can attack even the furthest enemies with ease. The higher the rank, the higher the chance of performing a critical hit. Unfortunately, swordsmen like to move wherever they please, so it's hard to track their movements sometimes. It's enough to give you motion sickness, really.

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