hacking Neo Monsters
  • Cheats, hack Neo Monsters: gold card power, gold egg, gem crystal, evolution, legendary monsters, training points. Hacked game Neo Monsters bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Neo Monsters android, ios

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    • gem crystal — Knde3w.

    Neo Monsters android, ios hack codes

    In a distant age, in a distant land...All of the known world was ruled by the Empire of Verosia. Life in this Empire revolved around strange creatures known as "monsters".2,, They provided humanity with many things. Labor, friendship and entertainment. There was nothing people loved more than to watch monsters fight for sport. And now, the greatest monster battle in the Empire's history was about to begin...

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    Welcome game Neo Monsters! I'll help you get started as the new trainer here! But that can wait until tomorrow. Let's go to bed for today, I'm sure you're exhausted from traveling all the way to Othlon. We need to get you registered as a trainer with the Verosian Trainer Alliance, the organization in charge of the Monster Leagues. Once you're done, you can join the tryouts for the Rookie League! These are some Gems I saved up over the years. Use them to buy a Gold Egg and get yourself a rare monster!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Neo Monsters android bug codes: Monsters with more stars have higher potential. Hits enemies of the same element as the target. You cannot switch your monsters outside of the city. Your first priority is to catch some new monsters. You'll want to have a team of 6! At the same time, keep an eye out for other trainers. You need to find and defeat 3 of them to qualify for the Rookie League. To Ultra-Evolve, a monster needs to be in its final evolution stage and its Ultra-Evolution bar at full. You need to spend Training Points to train your monsters

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