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    Hacked Infinite Heart android, ios

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    Infinite Heart android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to me world, Countless adventurers advancing and seeking dauntlessly for the Shards of Infinite Heart. The moment of destiny is about to arrive - monsters, adventurers, and |aw-dropping treasures are all ready and waiting!
    The darkness is upon us. I shall come forth to lead the heroes and the Gods courageously forward! No pitfall will stand in our way; we shall never abandon this world. May destiny ever be our guide, and may the infinite heart ever be with us.

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    Welcome game Infinite Heart! In the beginning of time, the Gods created an artifact – the infinite Heart. Long ago, the infinite heart was shattered into thousands of shards. The evil dragon Xanaxus now covets these shards' power. Come forth heroes and defend the legacy of the Gods. The shards are stored in the very heart of the demon castle. Guard these shards, oh heroes, and they shall bestow you with their power. Someday the shards shall come together again, and the infinite heart will be whole once more!
    The Infinite Heart's fragments have been scattered to the four comers of the earth. They protect our world; now rt is our duty to protect

    Secrets cheat gameplay Infinite Heart android bug codes: Once your Energy is at max, click on the Hero's icon to use their Skill. You can find player account information in my cabin. Enter the Hero Alter. Here you can Summon even more Heroes. Nurture your heroes – enhance, increase stars, upgrade equipment. This Summon is free.
    When it has enough energy, the Hero Altar will automatically activate and a Brave Summon can be carried out for free. There is a dairy limit to the number of free Summons you can perform. Don't miss a single chance.
    When you feel lost or confused in this Infinite Heart world, go take a look at the Task Menu. Every great adventurer starts by completing Tasks. The traveling salesman dorlit will refresh his goods daily. If the level is too difficult, you can try enhancing your heroes or upgrading their star level. You can auto-fight a level once you've completed it with 3 stars. After driving back the darkness, the infinite heart shattered into many shards and was scattered across the land.

    how to enter hack cheats Infinite Heart.

  • how and where enter
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